Friday, 31 December 2010

The best (and cheapest) cookbook around

When i was younger I used to spend time with my grandma and my mum in the school holidays baking cakes, scones and helping to make bread.  Neither my mum or my grandma really needed to refer to a cookbook to make a cake but if there was ever one out when we were baking it was always the Be-Ro cookbook!

The Be-Ro cookbook originated in my native North East and was given out for free at exhibitions and door-to-door.  It was designed to feed hungry families on a low budget and started off with just 19 pages.  Today it has 86 pages of recipes and costs...wait for it...£1.50! That includes p&p, what a bargain!
Home Recipes with Be-Ro FlourMy favourite recipes from the Be-Ro cookbook were always the butterfly cakes and the Banana and Chocolate cake..yum! The book also had blank space for you to write your own recipes at the back.  When my grandma passed away I was given her Be-Ro cookbook (as well as a secret recipe for Banoffee pie) which takes pride of place on my shelf of cookbooks and when I have my own children I will continue to use it with them.

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