Sunday, 30 January 2011

Peanut Butter and Beetroot

Surely it can't just be me that eats weird food combinations from time to time? Sometimes, if I've had a hard week at work or I'm just really tired, my diet goes out the window - I eat my lunch late and I usually spend an hour wandering aimlessly around the aisles of my local Tesco or just standing in front of the cupboard turning my nose up at everything.  Then something will pop into my head that I really want and nothing else will do.  I've suffered from that a lot this week! I spent an hour in Tesco the other night not fancying anything until I spied a packet of raisin and lemon scotch pancakes. 

Then yesterday I remembered something my Grandma used to have - peanut butter and beetroot on a slice of bread!  When I first saw her make this I promptly told her how disgusting it was, then she asked me if I'd tried it.  She let me have a taste and to my surprise it was actually rather nice!

What weird food combinations do you like eating that make everyone else go "Eurgh"!?

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  1. I am many years too late to this, but my Grandmother taught me to love peanut butter and beetroot sandwiches down here in Australia. Others she made were:
    • Tomato sandwiches with salt, pepper and sugar
    • Dripping sandwiches (fat from the roast, with salt and pepper)
    • Poached egg, boiled spinach and vegemite on toast
    • Peanut butter and vegemite (not for me - too much salt)


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